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Meet the CSCSW Board of Directors

Liz Schulte, LCSW, PhD in Progress
Board Chair
Clinical social work is a rich and rewarding field, grounded in rigorous academic and practice requirements. Social work is all about relationships, and the best part of being on the Board is the opportunity to connect with other clinical social workers who represent all facets of the profession.

Janessa Schueler, LSW
Board Secretary

I serve as Secretary for CSCSW as a way to stay engaged with and contribute to the diverse field of clinical social work. I think that participation in CSCSW gives members a supportive environment to explore their identity as clinical social workers. My favorite part of being a member of the board is having relationships with colleagues, and mentoring social workers new to the field.

Adam Nowicki, LSW, LAC
Awards & Scholarship Committee Chair

I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families with mental health and substance abuse issues over the last 15 years. I am committed to helping people recognize their strengths and help them overcome barriers in their lives. I believe in the social work value of service, and being a member of this board is one way for me to give back and stay connected to other social work professionals in my community. As the Awards & Scholarships Chair, I want to recognize and celebrate the individuals who contribute to the development of social work as a craft and who make our profession one of the best for the 21st century. In addition to social work, my passions include spending time with my partner and our delightful animals, climbing mountains, playing video games, and songwriting.

Jenny Gennaro, LCSW, EMDR Trained
Education Committee Co-Chair

It is an honor to serve as CSCSW education co-chair. The vast field of social work offers many opportunities for leadership, clinical engagement, and advocacy. The foundation of the work we do as social workers is education. We are simultaneously educators and students throughout our careers as social workers. We educate the public, our politicians, other professional disciplines in addition to our clients. As a social worker I take great pride in consulting and educating within my own community of colleagues and mentoring-supervising up and coming young social workers.

Bethany Raab, LCSW
Education Committee Co-Chair

To me, one of the best parts of being a social worker is the chance to continue learning and growing. Clients, colleagues, and experts all teach us new information everyday. Being one of the education co-chairs gives me the opportunity to help my fellow social workers learn new information about our ever-changing field. I also love having the opportunity to help social workers in the CSCSW share their knowledge and expertise in salons and workshops. Collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge that is just waiting to be shared! My hope is that the Society can continue to find new ways to help social workers share their skills and knowledge within the field and beyond.

Balin Anderson, LCSW
Membership Committee Chair and Practice Standards Committee Chair

I am excited to serve on the CSCSW Board as Membership Chair. I am a psychoanalytically trained clinical social worker in private practice in LoHi, Denver. I work with individuals and couples. Several years ago, I relocated my private practice from NYC to Denver, which made me truly appreciate the support that comes with having a robust and diverse professional network. Our board is committed to creating a more inclusive, connected, and representative community of clinicians in an array of practice settings; I’m happy to be a part of these efforts to support and enhance professional social work practice throughout the state of Colorado!

Denise Breinig-Glunz, LCSW
University of Denver - Faculty Liaison

As the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work faculty liaison to the board, I see my role as helping to include the voice of our up and coming clinical social workers. Helping to welcome and include our future colleagues not only enriches our current programming, but helps the University be up to date on what is happening in the clinical social work community. As a long-time member of CSCSW, I am excited to see all of the exciting new ideas and energy in the organization.

K Scherrer, PhD, LCSW, MA
Metropolitan State University of Denver - Faculty Liaison

I am an Associate Professor and BSSW Program Director at Metropolitan State University of Denver. My areas of expertise in research and practice include gender and sexuality, GLBTQ identities, social inequalities, families, gerontology, and intergenerational issues. I am excited to be involved in the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work to help foster mentorship opportunities for social workers at all stages of their professional development.